Gym workout app for normal people.

It's like working out with a Trainer.

You don’t have to be a professional bodybuilder and spend hours studying exercises.

It's built for you, not the pros.

Why get Jim?

To have a vital, energetic and strong body.

  • Best workout routine for you.

    Jim's routine consists of the best performing exercises and it's designed to make the time you spend in the gym count.

  • Jim automatically updates weights and reps.

    After each set, simply leave feedback to Jim by tapping a button: easy, good, or hard. You don’t need to type any numbers.


  • 01. Warm Up

    Run five minutes on the treadmill or elliptical.

  • 02. Do a Set & Leave Feedback

    Follow exercise instructions and tell us how it went: easy, good, or hard. Weight and reps will be updated automatically.

  • 03. Take a Break

    Rest for one minute, or more if needed.

  • 04. Repeat

    Repeat until you have finished all sets and exercises.

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